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I have always been a bit out of the box, had big dreams, a curiosity about life and an unwavering sense of determination. My love of pets and science has taken me to becoming the owner of Bondi Vet Hospital in Sydney's east as well as Director for ASX listed medical cannabis company, Cannpal Animal Therapeutics. But I'm much more than that - I'm a creator and an innovator and it was this that lead me to becoming the founder Australia's most well known gift and card tech business, 


As a young girl I grew up in an area with no daddy trust funds. Those years were tough, but what they taught me was how to back myself, challenge the status quo and how to fail (and get back up!). I learnt early on, that I had the ability to change my future and build a life and career I loved - if I was willing. 


I'm passionate about helping people understand their pets, new technology and innovation in the pet health sector that help our pets live longer and healthier lives. I love to help others build and create their dream lives and businesses, get a seat in the boardroom as well as become more involved in science and technology. 

 I live by the belief that the world always conspires with you to achieve, but you have to look for opportunities and follow the little clues life gives you in order to get there. I call this mindset ‘following your feathers’. I hope in my journey will encourage others to do the same.

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