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"Sending a thank you shows people they are valued and helps build deeper and more meaningful connections. The impact of a handwritten note is more powerful than ever and Thankly allows busy individuals and organisations to create this personal connection with a few simple steps online”

Kate Adams.

Thankly is about combining technology with the power of gratitude.

Founded by Kate Adams upon the belief that the old fashioned thank you goes a long way to making the world a more thoughtful place, thankly is a online plateform that helps thoughtful people and organisations send beautiful hadwritten cards and unique, affordable tokens of appreciation to the people they care about. 


Tech company, Thankly beathes new life into the time-honoured etiquette of acknowledging thanks. In today’s world where time is always pressured and we never make it through our to-do lists, Thankly wants to make sending a small gesture of thanks, whether it be a simple note or a small gift, as convenient, affordable and personal as possible.

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