_dailytelegraph - I dare say, I look quite like Ben ❤️ Thanks Mercedes Maguire for the article
I'll be joining a panel of guest speakers this Friday 24th March at the 'Design a Life You Love' Bus
Today I had to tell a family that their gorgeous little guy has an ugly cancer that's spread
So today I got an email from the _bondi_vet (the TV show) - a client had nominated me to be the next
Toby and me sharing a special little moment on my birthday 😘
Beautiful #britishshorthair, 'Peace', doesn't love the vet as much as the vet loves him 🤔 #therealb
Being a vet is great. In fact, I love it so much it rarely feels like work
Ben Dawg
My favourite part of the day - hair and makeup with the lovely _mariannagrillo
June 23rd is international take your dog to work day! In my case that's pretty much everyday 💕🌟 Ho
The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away - Pablo Picasso__Ru
People often say to me 'you must really like animals!_' Well of course I do but there is more to it
_Finding gratitude and appreciation is the key to resilience_ - _sherylsandberg photograph by the ta
Shooting today with the very talented photographer _jodiemcbride - thank you for having me and makin
Some #dogs just love their #vet
Benny and me do Sundays 💕_._._._._._._._
When I'm old and grey I'm planning on looking back and saying wow, what an epic adventure. Thanks _m
Cats get me like men never will ✌🏻😻🍪 #crazycatlady
This week I presented at the Women in Tech conference, where I spoke to a number of women really wan
If you don't know her, it's about time you were introduced. _thankly.com
The Project June 2016
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