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Dr Kate Adams shares the facts on why your pet might be overweight as well as helpful advice on how to manage it. 

Pudgy Pets:

Is Your Four-legged Friend Overweight?

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It’s never been easier to start a side hustle and pursue entrepreneurship, every second Instagram influencer seems to be telling us. Of course, the truth is that nothing happens overnight, as Dr Kate Adams knows well...

How customer service has
powered the growth of Thankly


Thankly is an Aussie tech startup reinventing the old-fashioned, handwritten 'Thank You'. Kate has previously worked in senior roles in a number of different industries,...

Podcast: Kate Adams,

Founder of Thankly


Dr Kate Adams shares how we can best take care of our feline friends.

Responsible Pet Ownership

with Dr Kate Adams


caught up with the Founder of Collabosaurus, Jess Ruhfus to talk about the hard stuff - raising capital money and getting an...

Dr Kate Adams meets

Jessica Ruhfus

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Dr Kate shares on how we can think ahead when making the decision to bring a pet into the home.

Preparing Your Home:

Adjusting For Life With A Pet

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Dr Kate Adams on legislation making owning a pet in a rental property easier..

Owning a pet in
rental properties


An Optus customer, Kate relies heavily on mobile technology to ensure the success of her e-commerce store and keep her work and personal life organised and on track...


Dr Kate Adams


Dr Kate Adams on Today Show touching on signs and symptoms your cat might be unwell..

Dr Kate Adams on

Today show


Angela chats to Dr Kate Adams, vet and co-owner of Bondi Vet Hospital and Founder of tech startup, Thankly.

The Brew with

Dr Kate Adams

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Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! is a weekly show on Bondi Beach Radio and podcast where we interview inspiring people and entrepreneurs across a range of industries...

Make the most of
every moment


Dr Kate Adams is the founder behind tech startup Thankly.com.au. Thankly launched in October 2016 and is a tech platform that has revolutionised gifting...

Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Dr Kate Adams


Kate Adams is one of those people who instantly draws you in. She’s intelligent, beautiful, driven and so charismatic it..

Make the most

of every moment


Dr Kate Adams is the owner of Bondi Vet Hospital, a media vet, the Founder of online gifting website, Thankly.com.au...

Dr Kate Adams – Vet, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

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