Should you feed raw chicken necks & wings to your dog?

Despite vets having recommended them as a way to keep your dogs teeth healthy for many years, recently research by Melbourne University suggests there may be a link between feeding your dog raw chicken, particularly chicken necks and wings, and a potentially fatal disease that causes paralysis in dogs.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne found dogs that eat raw chicken, especially chicken necks, have an increased risk of developing paralysis from a condition called polyradiculoneuritis – also known as APN. APN looks clinically a lot like a tick paralysis - the back legs become progressively weak and then can sometimes lead to paralysis of the front legs, neck, head and face. Many dogs do recover eventually but often take about 6 months.

So – what is it about chicken that could cause this condition? Well. It all stems back to a little bacteria called campylobacter that often lives on undercooked chicken. The research showed a link between the campylobacter bacteria and APN. In fact, campylobacter infection is considered the triggering agent in 40% of APN cases in Australia.

So what do I recommend? Until we know more about this condition, my best advice is to steer clear of feeding raw chicken necks and wings.

More about this can be found on Pursuit. Read the original article – here.

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