Unpacking the weird behaviour of grass eating.

As a vet, I’ve heard all the theories. Dogs and cats eat grass to make themselves vomit, they eat grass because they have a stomach ache or a furball, they eat grass because they lack something in their diet.

So which one is correct? Well actually they all are. And if I could give you a simple answer, I’d be rich. There has been so much speculation about the whys of grass eating, none of which have been proven from my knowledge.

My tips: make sure your pet is dewormed, make sure your feeding them a balanced diet (with all the correct vitamins and minerals), make sure they are brushed regularly, on a good flea prevention, on a hairball control supplement or diet if they are getting furballs and if you think they are eating grass and vomiting because they have a stomach ache, go and get them checked by a vet to make sure there is nothing else wrong.

Beyond this, grass eating is likely behavioural. That is, they just like the taste of grass.

In fact, no consistent link has ever been found between grass eating and anything really significant. Some dogs were reported to only eat grass on occasion if they already had a tummy ache but MOST cases, ongoing grass eaters eat grass they just liked that little bit of green salad bar – which actually might be a trait they inherited from their ancestors.

Diagnosis grass eating - just because it just tastes good and seemed like a fun, tasty idea.

Watch my video on the topic here:

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