News & Reviews: Shark IonFlex DuoClean Cordless Handstick Vacuum

I have a pet hair problem. It follows me around from home to Thankly to Bondi Vets. It’s like tumbleweed that gets into every nook and cranny, on my clothes and in my mouth. Coupled with this, I’m lazy when it comes to vacuuming. The vacuum gets pulled out and plugged in about once a week when in reality it’s something I really should do everyday. So, I’ve been looking for a cordless, light, with good sucking power for a while. Something I can do every day.

I recently got hold of the Shark IonFlex Duoclean cordless vacuum, it had some big shoes to fill and hopefully my experience will make the decision making process a little easier for someone else. I really put it through it’s paces and here’s what I think:


1. This vacuum really sucks – like in a good way! Like picks up every bit of everything. It’s the best thing about it. It doesn’t seem to lose sucking power and is easily as good (if not better) than my $900 heavy corded vacuum. I really only have to go over an area once which makes it super quick and easy to get everything up really quickly.

2. It has a really narrow head which means you can get into tighter spots between furniture. You can also use the flexi wand to get underneath things which is really amazing. I love this feature. I can get under furniture without having to move anything and get all the fur which accumulates along the skirting boards.

3. It’s super light and very easy to get apart and put together. It’s also comparatively quiet.

4. The battery power is amazing. Lasts for ages. The second battery is always on charge so if you do happen to run out of battery, you don’t then have to plug it in and wait, you can just swap battery packs and continue on vacuuming. Winning.

5. When it packs up, it folds over into a really neat and small little package. I love this. Space is at a premium for me, and it means when it’s this little, I can pretty much squish it anywhere when not in use.

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